Just an hour or so north of New York City, the hamlet of Poughquag is part of one of the original counties in New York.  Rich in history, Poughquag is part of Beekman, one of the first eight towns in Dutchess county and reportedly among the fastest growing towns in the United States. 

In the late 1800′s this area became a haven for Irish immigrants who were left their home country to flee the destitution of the potato famine.  The area was home to a significant mining industry, giving jobs and homes to local workers and the newly settled families. 

Since that time, Poughquag has become the heartbeat of Beekman.  The main business arena for the town, it is also home to the Beekman Town Hall, as well as much of the commercial industry that makes up the town.  The Beekman Fire Department, located on the Beekman-Poughquag road, was actually conceived from the conversations of a few good men who met up in the Poughquag General Store.

Poughquag has all the charm and warmth you want in a community, as well as serving all your daily needs.  Commercial business is abundant, as well as schools, churches and parks.  Poughquag is close to both Saint Francis Hospital and Vassar Brothers Medical Center which are both located in the nearby community of Poughkeepskie.  There’s also the Putnam Hospital in the neighbouring Putnam County, to the south.  

Poughquag offers the unique ability to escape the hustle and bustle of city living, without giving up the amenities of city life.  

You will find yourself close to great golf courses, including the 27 hole Beekman Golf Club.  If you are looking for some outdoor fun, there are nature trails, hiking, bicycling and plenty of camping sites all around the area. 

Spend a little time exploring the rich heritage homes and historical markers, or simply spend an afternoon shopping and dining in some of the best little shops and restaurants you’ll ever find. 

Poughquag offers something for everyone in the family.  From Toddlers and Tots programs to Senior’s Jazzercize, you might even stumble upon special events like superbowl parties for the 4 to 8 year olds in your household.

With heritage homes abundant among newer, modern households as well, the market value of properties in the area is stable and appealing. 

So what’s so great about Poughquag, New York?  With so many facets that make up this community, it’s truly a diverse and cultural setting that makes the residents proud to call it home.

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